Professional Diploma in Hospital Management

Professional Diploma in Hospital Management

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Starting from July 2024

Course Duration: 6 months.
Learning Tracks :
1- Fast (Assignment /project based)
2- Fast ( Experiance based)
3- Medium ( 3 months Online classes session)
1 Class in a week
Timing: 3:00pm to 6:00pm
4- Complete 6 months Course (Online/ Physical Session)
2 Classes in a week
Timing: 3:00 to 5:00pm

Methods of Learning
•Didactic lectures including ppts,handouts, articles, videos & others as per need
•Practical sessions
•Interactive workshops like group discussion on moodle
•Supervised field visits & hands on training
•Assignments & Project Work
•Research or surveillance work

Course Structure:

  1. Principles of Hospital Management
  2. Managing Human Resources in Health
  3. Principles of Health Care Financing
  4. Quality Management in Healthcare Organizations
  5. Effective Communication in Health
  6. Medical Records & Hospital Inventory Management
  7. Health Project/ Hospital Project
  8. On Job Practicum in Health Organization or Hospital

✓Traccert Canada ®
✓Institutional Certification (CIHS®)
✓Project Performance Certification

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