Professional Diploma in Pain Management

Professional Diploma in Pain Management

Professional Diploma in Pain Management
Accredited by Traccert Canada
(Canadian certification will be provided on end of session)
Duration: 6 Months
Starting from July 2024
Weekend base session(Saturday & Sunday)
Timing: 2:30 to 5:00pm

*live Demonstration
*Case Studies & Discussion
*Radiological Evaluation
*Clinical Examination
*Didatic Lectures

Module 1:Mechanisms of Pain
Module 2:Types of Pain
Module 3:Principals of Pain, Assesment & Management
Module 4:Multidisciplinary Approaches to Pain Management
I- Rehabilitative Services
(Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy)
II- Pharmacologic Treatments
(Nonopoids Pharmacologies such as NSAIDS and Adjuncts; Opioids as clinically appropriate)
III- Interventions
(Regional Anesthesia, Blocks, injections, Spinal Cord Stimulators)
IV- Nonpharmacologic Treatments
(CBT, Mindfulness, Medical Hypnosis, Acupunture, Massage)
Module 5:Pain in Specialist Populations
Module 6:interdisciplinary service provision

☆Dr Syed Mehmood Ali
MBBS FCPS MSc PainMedicine
FIPP(Fellow of interventional Pain practice ) USA
☆Dr Muhammad Umer Saeed
MSc pain medicine

Assesment Exam: January

Pain Management Conference & Certificate Awarding Ceremony: February

Registration Process:
☆ Submit your Registration Fee, in Cardiff Meezan Bank Account.
☆ After Submission your fee, share your receipt screenshort with us.
☆ After verification of your receipt screenshort/snap , your Registration No will be issue and enrollment will be confirmed.

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