6 Weeks Fellowship in Pain & Spine Interventions

6 Weeks Fellowship in Pain & Spine Interventions

6 week fellowship and spine interventions is a 21 days module based – learning

program for working medical professionals aspiring to specializing Pin management as a career in their field. 

Course Duration: 21 days live demonstration & hands on Ultrasound guided pain interventions 

Course methodology

Main Highlights of the course:

  •  Extensive Anatomy using 3D models
  •  Power Point Presentations
  •  Hands-On training, fluoroscopic guided on fabricated Mannequin
  •  MRI & SCANS Reading Sessions
  •  Hands-On Ultrasound guided Pain Interventions
  •  Case scenario and case discussions
  •  Live Demonstration of Interventional Pain Procedures

Course curriculum 

  • Spine Interventions
  • Head & Neck Interventions
  • Ultrasound Guided Pain Interventions
  • Radiofrequency
  • Vertebroplasty
  • Lumbosacral Spine Interventions
  • Spine Endoscopy
  • Cooled RF
  • Regenerative Interventions
  • Cancer Pain Interventions


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