Abdominal & Chest Ultrasound & chest Xray COURSE

Abdominal & Chest Ultrasound & chest Xray COURSE

Course Contents/Structure

 Medical Terminologies
 Patients Positioning
 USG Machine knobology
 Sonography Principles & Instrumentation
 Sonographic Techniques
 Sonography Applications
2-Abdominal USG
 Abdominal Anatomy & Pathophysiology
 Abdominal USG includes:
Pancreases, Gall Bladder, Liver, Kidneys, Spleen, And Urinary Bladder.
4- Chest X-ray

Program Delivery & Exam A full didactic course along with intensive hands on training & review
Followed by dissertation. Unlimited practical sessions (hands on training) on
real patients.

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