In rural areas often there is little knowledge of basic health information in Pakistan. Rural families suffer because of lack hygiene practices/products.

We are proud to announce that C.I.H.S organizing Medical Campaigns under the umbrella of Transforming Health Insight Foundation to bring awareness to these people. We conduct free medical camps providing basic medical information, medical facilities, specific aids e.g. glasses, medical kits, hygiene kits etc. These campaigns will make their life easy.


Many people die because of their inability to meet the expenses of the costly treatment of their disease and government hospitals are incapable of providing free medical aid to each and every poor patient. CIHS & THIF has come in a big way to provide free medical aid to the needy and poor patients. Cost of medicines and other consumables is provided from funds.

We are also committed to conduct seminars, symposium and conferences by inviting well known doctors, scientists, students and heads of well renowned social organizations to create awareness and importance of preventive medicine.

  • To undertake health education of the community on proper care.
  • To develop and maintain relationship with the community.

To train medical staff and develop their capacity.

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