IR programs give students a chance to flourish in various ways. Students learn how to do research, but also how to pick projects that will improve a societal problem and enhance the quality of life for a community of people. These programs are designed to help students develop the vision to contend with global challenges. IR Programs also provide opportunity to Researchers to present their Research Proposal in international approved universities.

To teach students to think like that, a program must be inter-disciplinary, and IR programs do that by inviting students from all Medical & Paramedical fields. The students form teams and pool their talents.  These days, in both industry and academia, projects are done by teams. CIHS students divide into teams who are mentored by their senior instructors & industries advisors. Working together, the teams try to find solutions to societal problems and to develop technologies to ameliorate those problems.

Research & PublicationEffective Research Proposal Writing for PGOTHM Level 7 Certificate in Research MethodsClinical Research CertificatePostgraduate Certificate In Advanced Research Skills Certificate in Research Design & Scientific Writing Professional Diploma In Research Opportunities & Bimolecular SciencesDiploma in Research & Publication To Assign Research Project with interlinked international bodies

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